Table Talk Vol 3 - Do You Remember The Dinner Table?

MAY 2020 | ISSUE NO. 3


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Do You Remember The Dinner Table?
During this unprecedented time, there has been so much uncertainty when it comes to financial security, health, wellbeing, and safety. We’ve all had to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and it’s impossible to predict how long this will last. The only thing that is certain is the extra time we have with our families. One of the best ways to bond and enhance our social ties with family is to eat together at the dinner table. Before the pandemic, life was moving at an insanely fast pace and the importance of eating together began to diminish, however, COVID-19 has slowed things down a bit and given us a chance to engage in activities we were once too busy to entertain.  

There are countless benefits to dining together as a family, below you’ll find a few: 

Builds Relationships and Rituals – Relieves Stress and Increase Happiness – 
During this uncertain time, the routine can bring a sense of comfort and safety. When a family dines together it creates a ritual based around eating and celebrating life. It also provides a sense of security and belonging for younger children and teenagers. Even when we are physically close, it can be easy to be emotionally distant. Incorporating family dinners is the perfect way to build connections.  Many mental health benefits have been associated with eating at the dinner table. Children who eat with their families at the table are more likely to be emotionally tough and have better mental health. These benefits aren’t just limited to the children, adults have also been found to be less stressed and happier.   


Healthier Food Choices –  Saves Money – 
Eating as a family has been associated with healthier food patterns in both children and adults. People are more likely to consume things such as fruits and vegetables rather than fried foods and sugary drinks as a result of family dinners. Their diets are more likely to contain more key nutrients and minerals when compared to those who do not eat together. Family dining has also had a major protective effect against maladaptive behaviors such as eating disorders.  Probably the most important benefit, especially during these times, is the significant savings. Most families tend to eat out at least a few times a week, and by incorporating family dinners these numbers will reduce greatly. The average cost of a dinner at home is only $4.50 per meal compared to $8.00 for an outside meal.

Since we are confined to the house, eating at the dinner table together can become dull and mundane, but there are ways to add some excitement to your daily family dinner. Try adding colorful and exciting tableware to your dinners. From fun patterned plates and cups to metallic straws and unique napkins, there are plenty of ways to add interest to your daily family dinners. It’s time to bring the family dinner back in style by gathering around the table and enjoying the precious time we have with our families.   

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