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JULY 2020 | ISSUE NO. 7


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3 Reasons You’ll Love Greeting Cards from
Grace of Design

 A greeting card is a traditional, thoughtful way to show someone you care. They are amazing when they’re paired with a gift or sent in the mail. Even if there’s no special occasion, a card is a fantastic way to show people you care. Grace of Design sells some of the best, most unique special occasion cards out there. Here are some of the reasons we think you’ll love our cards! 

1.     Friendship Cards That Are Tailored to Their Personality

The standard greeting cards you find at the grocery store are pretty bland. They’re simple and safe to appeal to most people. But if you give your friend one of these cards, it shows very little thought. If you really want a loved one to know how much you appreciate them, give them a card that’s truly unique.

Grace of Design offers a variety of cards to suit all kinds of personalities. We have cards that are sassy, edgy, explicit, hilarious, and inspirational. While so many other cards end up in the trash, Grace of Design has cards that you’ll actually want to hang onto. They’ll make a more meaningful impact on the receiver. 

2.     Stunning Visuals That Make a Statement

You probably choose a card based on what it says—but the card’s graphics should say something too. Our cards are more than just fun sayings. They’re art! Why settle for a boring card with a cliché design when you can get a card that’s unique inside and out? 

These are the kinds of cards that you will feel proud to display in your home long after the occasion they’re celebrating has passed! The high-quality designs on our friendship cards are in a variety of artistic styles. No matter what your style is, you can find a card that has a design to match! 

3.     Cards for Every Occasion

There are so many reasons why you might want a greeting card. From weddings to baby showers, Grace of Design has you covered! Maybe there’s no special event or holiday. Maybe you just want to encourage your friend or thank a co-worker for being there for you. We also have these options! 

Friendship cards are great when you have something you want to say but you don’t know exactly how to say it. Not everyone has a way with words. That’s okay. Let Grace of Design say it for you! No matter what you’re trying to say, you can use one of our cards to help you say it in the best way possible. 

Find Your On-of-a-Kind Card from Grace of Design
No matter what you’re celebrating, you can do it with Grace of Design! Browse our large selection of cards today. You’re sure to find something that fits the occasion and the personality of the person you’re sending the card to. Show your significant other, parent, friend, family member, or co-worker you care with a unique card from Grace of Design.

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