Easter Celebration

    For many families including our very own, the Easter holiday brings many traditions to mind. The tradition of a pastel color-themed wardrobe, kids running around trying to find their Easter eggs, attending church with the family on early Easter Sunday morning, cooking traditional meals such as slow-roasted lamb (mutton), meat pies, fried fish, and deviled eggs. Oh goodness, just thinking of those meals makes us a little hungry. Oh and the desserts. Mouthwatering, moisture-rich carrot cake, chocolate-covered marshmallows, those darn Peeps and who can go without Jamaican Easter Bun and cheese. 

To prepare for such a holiday you need some key pieces for your guests especially the children. A few of those key pieces for kids happen to be the Easter Bunny or Carrot Favor Boxes. These 2 favor boxes are great for the kiddie table because they're just too cute. You can add any treat to the box from jelly beans, to Hershey's Kisses or even your Auntie's famous cream cheese carrot cake For the cake, simply wrap the cake in pretty tissue paper to absorb the butter or frosting then place a piece of the cake inside of the box. 

The next item to have is the Floral Rabbit Treat Cups. Now although they are perfect for Easter, they are also perfect for any special event such as weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, or any event that is light-hearted and inviting such as brunches or luncheons. What we love the most about these decorative baking cups is that you do not need to transfer the cupcake from the baking tray to the cup. You simply place the cup in the baking tray, fill it with your mixture, bake then chill, and add your topping. Nice right? Oh and here’s the kicker, the beautiful rabbit design will not be disturbed by the heat. Now that is hippity hoppity great!

No Easter egg hunt will ever be complete without party fans. Think about it. When the kids are out there looking for their eggs in a backyard with no party favors they tend to get bored and uninspired. So when you decorate it and make it more like a colorful adventure then both the kids and the parents are super happy. With our nice selection of fans, you can choose from “Garden, Baby Pink, or the Spring Party Fans” and your guests will be thrilled to be outside looking for those pastel-dyed eggs.

Okay, party people, it’s now time to celebrate. Yes, we want you to wear your masks and practice social distancing but still enjoy Easter with your friends and family.

Happy Easter,
Grace of Design

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