Table Talk Vol 5 - Our Message To Our Black Community

JUNE 2020 | ISSUE NO. 5


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Grace of Design, is a female-led, black-owned business and it pains us to relive these moments of black men and women, boys and girls being murdered at the hands of the police, over and over again, it's a vicious and heartbreaking cycle!
In order to conquer racism we need to first acknowledge that yes, it does still exist. Many people act as if having our first black president somehow ended racism. However, it in many ways only heightened it. If you Google search right now with little effort, you will find numerous images and videos of white people many of whom call themselves "Christians" burning crosses and holding mock-lynching and hangings of a dummy/mannequin version of what is supposed to be President Obama. After you see that, please tell me again that racism doesn't exist in America.
When the media that deems black protesters as malicious and violent but dubs white college students as rowdy and excited for burning cars and trashing stores and bars after a basketball tournament,
or when the president calls black protesters-terrorists but calls white supremacist very fine people,
or when people shout animals when a black person kills 1 person but they cry metal illness and sad loner when a white man mass murders dozens of people at a concert, in an office building, a school, a movie theatre or for Heaven's sake in a church
or when a country founded on religious freedom chooses to not recognize and or demonizes some of the many religions that are practiced here, 
or when a nation of immigrants spews hateful and vile rhetoric against all non-white immigrants that come here for a better life.
- the hypocrisy becomes deafening!

We are not born racists, we are taught it. America needs to rehaul its education system in more ways that one. WE NEED TO TEACH SOMETHING NEW!!
We can start with LOVE & EMPATHY

At Grace of Design, we stand with the protesters for UNITY, JUSTICE, and PEACE. 

Love & Hugs,
Grace of Design

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