Rose Gold Balloon Arch

Ginger Ray - Rose Gold Balloon Arch - Grace of Design
Ginger Ray - Rose Gold Balloon Arch - Grace of Design

Rose Gold Balloon Arch

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This stunning balloon arch is a combination of metallic rose gold, white, and clear confetti filled balloons. The layers of colors and shine create a gorgeous arch that will definitely grab your guests' attention.

Set up over the cake or dessert table, the guest of honor's chair or table, or an area for photos.

The rose gold balloon arch includes the following 70 balloons -
15 x 5" - White Balloons,
15 x 5" - White Balloons - Pearl,
6 x 18" - Foil Round Balloons - Rose Gold,
10 x12" - White Balloons, 8 x 12" - White Balloons - Pearl,
14 x 12" - Confetti Balloons - Rose Gold Confetti
2 x 18" - White Balloons
and 13 feet of balloon tape

Balloon arches come with all components needed for assembly.

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