Feast & Friends: A Guide to Hosting the Ultimate Friendsgiving Brunch!

Welcome, party enthusiasts! As the leaves turn golden and the air gets a crisp edge, there's no better time to gather your peeps for a Friendsgiving brunch that'll be talked about for years to come. At Grace of Design, we're all about celebrations, friendships, and being extra our decorations and styling. Today, let's dive into the art of hosting a Friendsgiving brunch that'll leave your guests raving. 

Why Friendsgiving Brunch?

Friendsgiving isn't just about turkey and stuffing; it's a celebration of the bonds that go beyond blood. Your chosen family deserves a special moment too! Brunch, with its relaxed atmosphere and delectable spread, is the perfect way to bring friends together for a cozy and memorable time.

Let's face it – great food and great friends make the best recipe for a perfect Friendsgiving. Encourage a potluck-style brunch, where each guest brings their signature dish. This not only eases the hosting load but also adds a delightful variety to the menu.

Enter Grace of Design, your go-to for modern disposable tableware and a few Thanksgiving-themed pieces, that will elevate your brunch setup without the back breaking cleanup afterwards. Who said disposable can't be fabulous?

Thanksgiving themed paper napkins in pop colors      rose gold, mauve, blush, eggplant splatter printed tableware set up for a dinner of 4 people

The Menu: A Feast for the Senses:

For a brunch that's as tasty as it is Instagrammable, mix classic Thanksgiving flavors with brunch staples. Think cranberry mimosas, sweet potato pancakes, and turkey bacon – a brunch feast that pays homage to the traditional feast but with a trendy twist.

Activities & Games:

Keep the vibe lively with games and activities. From a gratitude jar where guests can jot down what they're thankful for to a DIY photo booth with props, these activities will add an extra layer of fun to your brunch. 

Parting Favors:

Send your friends home with a little token of appreciation. Consider mini pumpkin pies, personalized mugs, or even a mixtape of your favorite brunch or holiday season tunes – something to remember the day by.

And if you're attending a Friendsgiving, don't forget to bring the host/hostess a thank you card, check out the Thanksgiving themed greeting cards that we offer here.

At Grace of Design, we believe in the magic of celebrations, the warmth of friendships, and the joy of creating memories. With our Thanksgiving-themed and modern disposable tableware, we've got your Friendsgiving brunch covered. Shop now and let the festivities begin!

Remember, it's not just about the food; it's about the laughter, the love, and the friends who become family. Happy Friendsgiving! 

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