A Mother's Day Picnic:

   Mother's Day is fast approaching, this year why not treat mom to a day of relaxation and nature with a picnic day! You've done the brunches, the lunches and the dinners at her favorite restaurants every year thus far. Let's try something different like a personalized picnic with the mother figures in your life. 
   Number 1, get the easy part out of the way first....her greeting card. Select a heartfelt and or funny Mother's Day card that celebrates the incredible women who fill our lives with love, laughter, and endless support. Grace of Design has a few wonderful options for your mom, check them out here. A bouquet of flowers, her favorite or course.
   Second. you'll need to decide on a location. Check out her favorite outdoor spaces, such as local parks, lakes, ponds, botanical gardens or beaches. Make sure the location is open to the public that day and doesn't require permits for bringing food in. Keep in mind, her backyard or balcony maybe her favorite outdoor space as well. Any space can be used as long as it makes her happy.
   Third, we'll need the setup. Think, comfy/fluffy blankets (note: if you can get your hands on a plastic tablecloth or thin tarp to line the ground, that will keep your blanket dry and warm), portable tables and chairs (Target, Wayfair, Lowes, and Amazon have great options. This is a good idea for those that are unable to sit on the floor for health reasons), Bluetooth speakers to set the mood (don't forget to set create a playlist of your mom's favorite songs and artist), some sunscreen and bug spray because the bugs sure know how to ruin a good time, a few games for your children (coloring books, puzzles, etc.), umbrellas just in case the sun is acting crazy that day, and last but not least a toiletry bag packed with items to clean up food and grass stains, bathroom breaks, etc.). 

   Fourth, we have the food. Finger foods are best and easiest for transport. Some menu ideas include Sandwiches (opt for wraps or pita pockets instead of bread slices, perfect for filling with your mom's favorite chicken or tuna salad recipe. Have a vegetarian or vegan on hand, swap for chickpea or falafel salad using a non-dairy dressing such as tahini). A Fresh Fruit Salad (try adding a spritz of lemon juice with fresh mint leaves or chopped jalapeño and honey for a bit of a kick). A Snack (grab some pita chips and hummus or tortilla chips and salsa to snack on in case you get hungry after the lunch). Dessert (If your mom has a favorite dessert that's transportable bring it, or a go to is pound cake which you can get in various flavors and you can add just about any filling to it such as fresh peaches and jam or Nutella). Now what to Drink? Rosé of course! And don't worry there are amazing non-alcoholic options now available. Pack a few bottles of water as well. Lastly, what are we packing all of this in. If you have the funds, there are some gorgeous picnic baskets available at West Elm, Williams Sonoma and Target. If not, a large and sturdy tote bag will work just as well. You'll need either dry ice or actual ice packets (remember to freeze overnight so they're ready day of). Don't forget to get your utensils, napkins, plates, and cups from Grace of Design, we have marvelous options to choose from.

Lastly, sit back, enjoy her company, celebrate her, and shower her with the love and attention that she deserves.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone that has ever assumed the role of Momma!

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