Table Talk Vol 4 - Why Not Host a Virtual Dinner Party?

MAY 2020 | ISSUE NO. 4


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Why Not Host a Virtual Dinner Party?

Our ‘new normal’ is far from that at all. We’re all social distancing, taking safety precautions, wearing masks, and trying to maintain a strong immune system. In quarantine, we’re all just trying to maintain our physical, financial, and mental health while waiting for this pandemic to come to an end. All social gatherings have vanished, and we’ve been forced to find creative ways to connect with our family and friends. Casual get-togethers on facetime are great, but a virtual dinner party is a perfect way to bring people together and focus on quality time. And the best part, minimal cleanup! 

Here are a few tips for hosting a stress-free virtual dinner party: 
· Pick a Start & End Time – This may seem like an obvious step; however, it can often be overlooked. Make sure that all your guests can be online at the same time, especially if they are in different time zones. Set up a Zoom call, Google hangout, or House Party and make sure that everyone can sign in on time.

 · Pick a Theme – Themes aren’t necessary, but they’re always a great addition that can elevate your event. Some virtual apps allow you to choose backgrounds, so all your guests can participate in the theme. If you choose a theme like spring, there are plenty of decorations you can use and even send to your guests in order to create a cohesive theme.

 · Decide the Menu – Food and drinks are something dinner guests can bond over, so why should a virtual dinner party be any different? Make sure all your guests use the same recipes or order from the same restaurant if possible.

· Set the Table – This is probably the most important part of any dinner party and finding the right décor is a necessity. There are plenty of options for themed plates, cups, napkins, and table décor at Make sure all of your guests use the same décor as well because it will help everyone to feel more connected. 

 · Suggest Activities – Conversation may not fill up the entirety of the dinner party, so it’s important to have other activities ready for when the conversation naturally trails off. Charades, Pictionary, and even karaoke are great options for a virtual dinner party.

· Thank Your Guests – With all the time that you’ve saved from not having to clean your guests’ dirty dishes you can send out thank you notes. A personalized thank-you note is a perfect way to ensure that your guests feel appreciated. Make sure your guests know that you miss them and care about their wellbeing during this quarantine.   



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